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Dune Analytics

03 Sep 2021

I’m delighted to announce I’ve joined the mighty team at Dune Analytics.

Dune’s mission is to democratize access to blockchain data. They’ve built an open data analytics platform for Ethereum smart contracts that has quickly become every analyst’s favorite tool.

Ethereum has introduced a novel computing paradigm which builds upon the principles of decentralization, openness, trustlessness and self-sovereignty. I don’t think we fully comprehend how transformational it will be, but we’re already starting to see new industries emerge out of it, with the disintermediation of (Decentralized) Finance (DeFi) and non-fungible digital assets (NFTs) being the most notable examples.

DeFi wallet volumes have been going through the roof

A key characteristic of blockchains is that every node in the network is a system of record for all the data contained in the chain. In principle, anyone can access all this data. This has tremendous implications, as all data in the Ethereum ecosystem is necessarily accessible.

Here’s where Dune comes in. By abstracting away all the complexity and tediousness of accessing, cleaning and formatting raw Ethereum data into something structured and human-readable, and building a delightful analytics product on top they have created the most powerful analytics solution in the market.

Cryptopunks have become a real phenomenon

Dune enables anyone with a basic understanding of SQL to leverage the transparency of blockchains to generate insights, easily and for free. With this, Dune is helping shed light into the whole ecosystem. In the process, it is creating a new economy of creators who get rewarded by protocols who seek to improve their own understanding and the public’s perception of their own products.

The total value of assets locked in MakerDAO has been steadily increasing (in $B)

After shutting down my startup I knew that I wanted to go back to doing Product and help push the crypto space forward, as part of a tightly-knit team where I can have plenty of opportunities to make huge impact. As a long-time user of the product, I’m very excited to embark on this new journey.

By the way, we’re hiring across a number of Engineering and Product roles. Hit me up to learn more if you’re interested!